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What is a trade show?


A trade show is an event where businesses in a similar field present their products/services to potential customers who may be interested. The shows are usually highly targeted and you can find almost any tradeshow for an interest that you may have. For example if you are looking for fabric & trims for your business you should visit Premiere Vision it is a bi-anual tradeshow (Feb & September) in Paris France.

Fabric suppliers from all over the world are there promoting their products and showing you what you do. We highly recommend a visit.



Why should I go to one?


You should go to one as a fashion brand so that you get an idea of what's available to you in the market. You will also gain an understanding of how fabric suppliers work and as well as what fabric, colours & trims are in fashion.


From a production point of view, understanding how the wheels from design conception to garment production is very important. It's good for all new brands/designers to understand the work involved and how this can help manage expectations.

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