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Fabric shops 


There are many fabric shops and providers around, online and offline. We have compiled a list of some tried and tested shops that you can try. The shops listed below all have different unique qualities that can hopefully suit your needs. If you would like to recommend a fabric shop to us, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Cloth house Berwick Street Soho

Cloth house is a fabric shop that sells a lot of cotton. You can find this shop on Berwick street London.

Misan fabric shop Soho

This fabric shop sells some beautiful fabrics, including silks


Pongees is a high quality fabric merchants that specialises in silk. Located in Hoxton square, you can find beautiful woven fabrics, as well as fantastic jerseys

Walter Reginald- Leather, Sheepskin & fur

Walter Reginald sell leather, sheepskin & fur. They have a wide range of fabrics in a wide variety of colours.

Empee Silks - Fabric Wholesaler


Empee Silks - is a silk wholesalers based in Edmonton. You can find a wide range of fabrics there, at very reasonable prices.

Ambassador textiles - fabric wholesalers

Ambassador textiles - is an easily accessible online fabric wholesalers. you can find a wide range of fabrics there, they have great faux fur fabrics there which are of a great quality.

They sell wholesale and retail.

Bennett Silks - fabric wholesalers

With over 100 years of experience Bennett Silks is the UK's leading wholesaler and convertor of silk fabrics.
Founded in 1904 by William Henry Bennett in Manchester,  Bennett Silks is at the heart of Britain's Textile Industry.
Here you can find a wide range of beautiful silk products

James Hare - Fabric Suppliers

James Hare The story of James Hare is one of small beginnings. With nothing but experience and an understanding of the needs of the tailoring trade, James began the business single-handedly distributing cloth bought from small weavers. Here you can find quality fabrics great for the catwalk.

Trade Eighty- Silk Suppliers

Trade Eighty have been in the business  of selling silks for fashion and interior designers.

Their fabrics are sourced from premier silk mills.

Dalston Mill Fabrics - Fabric Suppliers

Dalston Mill Fabrics Sell Various fabrics and trims.

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