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What is it that you do?


We provide a high quality pre-production service for independent brands, students, fashion designers, startups, and private clients. We realise the visions of brands, creating master pattern drafts, initial toiles and samples. We have made the process simpler to save you time getting your collection made.


No more having to visit fashion studios in order to get what you want made, our online service will make the process of getting your pieces made less stressful and more efficient. Our experienced team can understand your requirements and give you what you require, with you being in the comfort of your own space. 


Our aim is supply you with commercial patterns which can be used in any factory worldwide. We are the first stage of your fashion production process. We can work from spec drawings, photos, or an existing garment so we can start working on their designs immediately. 

How do I get started?

-Just upload your designs to us, we will give you a quote for patterns and samples. Once approved by you we will start making your garments. 


How would I get my patterns if I don't come to your studio?


-Once we have finished your pattern and/or sample, we will send it to an address of your choice.

How much do you charge? 

-Prices are dependent on what you require. Please send us an email of your deisgns for a quote. 


How Do I pay?


- You can pay via Paypal credit/debit card or via bank transfer (BACS) (CHAPPS), Bitcoin. Once you place your order with us, we will invoice you with  with the relevant information.

Do you deliver to my country? 


-We deliver to Europe, US, Canada & Australia (Please enquire for delivery prices.)

How long does it take to make a pattern?

-We have a 21 working day turnaround. 

Can you alter my existing patterns? 

-Yes, sample pattern making prices apply.


Can you make spec drawings for me?


-Yes we can.


Can you work from my rough designs?


-  We will make you a technical drawing so that our pattern from it 

(additonal cost will be incurred)


What is a toile?


- A toile is a calico  version of your design. We use this fabric because it is great for getting the right fit and allowing your to see what your design will look like in your final chosen fabric.


Is a toile included in the price?


-Yes all patterns come with a toile as standard, to enable you make further samples or take it straight to your chosen factory


For more information, book an appointment with us.

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