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Why should I learn about fashion production?

Fashion production is the necessary evil that every aspiring brand must understand.

Yep your right fashion production, is really not glamorous, but it’s necessary. It is so necessary that if you fail at this point, your garments/collections will fail also.

Fashion production, is all about the technical details. It has a huge emphasis on shape, fit, and function as opposed to colour, trend and style for without the former three the latter will be extremely irrelevant.

We may sound extreme, but you must have had an experience at some point where you really like the colour, pattern and/or style of something, but when you raced to try it on something just wasn’t right…? Well this was probably down to the way it was made in the pre-production stage.

This stage may feel necessary to skip, after all it’s all about that amazing print you just made or that great button/beads you sourced. Why spend time on the fit, shape or function; thats just boring!

Boring it may be, necessary to your brands survival it is.

Better that you spend a hundreds testing than thousands fixing.

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