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Clothing manufacturers for small businesses

Finding a clothing manufacturer for a small business can be challenging. Firstly manufacturers usually only like dealing with big brands who make big orders and will be reluctant to help smaller unestablished brands. This can feel unfare and frustrating. There are many clothing manufacturers in England that can help with specific functions but you have to look for them. The UK has had a long history with British clothing manufacturers and the long the textile industry has put Britain on the map for making quality clothing garments.

What you need to know

When seeking a garment manufacturer you need to know what it is you require. For example, do you have patterns? Do you have toiles? Do you have samples?

These steps are fundamental steps in the process that cannot be skipped.

Patterns are integral to getting your clothing manufactured. Without patterns, the cutter cannot lay down the fabric and cut around it.

Think of a pattern like a cookie cutter in baking. Just as a cookie cutter cuts out the shape of the dough into its shape, a pattern is to fabric.

It goes without saying that you need patterns to make commercial garments, but we cannot express strongly enough how important it is to make sure that you have well made patterns. Great fabric, cut out of poorly made patterns will receive poor reception to your customers and can be brand damaging.

Toiles & Samples are at the stage of manufacture are visual reference pieces for the manufacturer. The manufacturer will use these (toile or sample) to see what the garment will look like when sewn. What is the difference between a toile and sample you may ask? Well a toile is a mock/prototype which captures the shape of the required garments. A toile can be made out of a cheaper fabric that is a similar weight and feel to what you would like to make your final garment out of. We use a cheaper fabric when doing the toiling process to save on cost. Fabrics can be very expensive and so until we have refined the shape, and fit, it may not be cost effective for us to toile in the the same fabric.

However, when we go into sampling, we will use the fabric that we intend to sell our garments in, because at this stage we need to see what our chosen finishing will look like and to see exactly how the garment will look like.

Finishings are another thing that you need to know about. Whether you would Likud binding, French seams, flat felled seams, overlocked, or lining etc. What trims will you be using, will you be using zips, buttons, poppers or other fastenings.

Whether your looking for clothing manufacturers London or Manchester be sure to contact them to see if the can give you the help you need.

We can help prepare you for the manufacturing process, should you wish. You can either book in a telephone call or come in to see us.

If you would like to contact us for further information please get in touch.

You can contact us via email:

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