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Why grading should be the last thing on your mind!

Grading in fashion is the process of making a size in other sizes. E.g. If your pattern is being made in a size 10 (uk) first, and you want to provide a range of different sizes for your customers, and you want to sell a size 8,12,14,& 16 along with you size 10, you will get your patterns graded

in those sizes. Why this process does not need to be considered until the end of the sampling process is because it comes after the pattern, toile and sample is made.

Grading is a fairly straightforward process to get done by a professional. A good grader will often specialise in grading and will use specific software/s to grade your patterns.

Grading should not be a pre-requisite for you choosing who to do your patterns and samples. Any good sampling business can organise this for you by proxy. So the next time you talk to a sampling unit and they say they do not grade in house, don't be alarmed it is really quick and easy to get done.

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