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How to become a seamstress

Being a seamstress covers a wide range of tasks and is a great skill to have. A good seamstress can sew in the most delicate of fabrics and complete the most intricate of styles.

To become a seamstress there is only one thing you need to repeat over and over again, and that is practice!

Practice is key, a good seamstress will usually have more than 5 years experience and a great seamstress will have more than 10 even 20 years. This amount of experience may sound like a lot in order to be a good seamstress, but it is necessary. Sewing like pattern cutting is a skill that needs to be developed and nurtured over time to become proficient at it.

The great thing about learning to sew is that you can practice whilst making your self something, and once you pick up some basic skills you will be well on your way.

Sewing classes are available from a wide range of places offering a variety of packages. Here at CFS Creative Fashion Services we can help you begin your journey. The best time to star learning to sew is today.

There is no time like the present and with all the practice that is needed to become a really good seamstress, every day missed is an opportunity missed.

A good seamstress can make a good long career and work for great designers and brands. 

There are so many techniques to learn when sewing; 

How to finish a seam

How to insert a zip

How to add binding

How to hand sew

How to pin hem and many many more.

Please get in touch if you need any further information, please get in touch today, we would love to help you along your way.

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