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What is your budget?

You’ve probably heard it before. What's your budget? You may feel reluctant to pass over the information, because you think… "If I have a healthy budget, and I let you know, you will take all of it." We are not so sure that's true.

If a small service provider is asking you for your budget, it's most likely because they want to save time. Yours as well as their own.

It can take a considerable amount of time to deliver a quote.

Working in a bespoke service like ours, where no two patterns or samples are the same, quotes need to be tailored to each client specific needs.

Remember you are not obliged to work with the service provider if you do not like the quote given.

But besides saving time. It is also great for you to know your budget.


Quite simply because if you do not know your budget, then how do you know how much you have to spend. Not to mention the fact you are going into business which is dominated by budgets.

Just because it is a fashion business and the "perceived" barriers to entry are fewer, it is still a business, and you need to know your numbers.

For example if you were to contact us and know that you have a budget of £500 to spend making patterns and samples and you would like 10 garments made, we can quite quickly tell you that we will be unable to work with you at present.

That has just saved us all a lot of time.

Be business-like. Of course as a client of a service provider they will advise you as much as they can, however they are not there to teach you. (Unless they are providing a tuition service of course :)). It is in your best interest to research as much as you can about the service you would like to receive so that the service provider can best help you.

(The fact that you are reading this, shows that you understand this premise and that you probably do not fit into this category.)

So to leave you with a final thought. What is your budget?

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