Studio space

We understand how challenging it can be finding suitable studio space and will be compiling a list of places who offer studio spaces for creatives/ fashion designers/ fashion brands at affordable prices. At some point every creative needs space to develop their ideas. This list will be updated when we find suitable places to add.

V22 Studios London - UK

V22 has a range of studio spaces for a variety of budgets. You will be working alongside other creatives where you can access a variety of services.


Bow Arts Studios London - UK

Bow art's studio, have a wide variety studios based in London. They offer support to creatives, and provide a range of services. 

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What we do

CFS provide a range of high quality pre-production services that come with a personable and stress free customer experience for our clients.


Some of our services include design, creative pattern cutting, toiling and sample making.......Read more

Why choose us?

Choose us if quality is at the heart of what you do.  With attention to detail and first class service we help bring your vision to life. 


Should you be unsatisfied with our work, we will fix it until it meets your requirements. No quibbles. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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