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Pattern Cutting Tutorials
  • Beginner

  1. Introduction to pattern cutting

  2. Understanding darts

  3. How grainlines work

  4. Seam allowances

  • Intermediate

  1. Dart manipulation​

  2. Lowering rise

  3. Altering sleeves

  4. Drafting cuff and collar plackets

Sewing Tutorials
  • Beginner

  1. Introduction to industrial sewing machine​

  2. Understanding seam allowances 

  3. Introduction to pressing (ironing)

  4. Sewing pre-prepared basic shape 

  • Intermediate

  1. Sewing various high fashion seams and finishings​

  2. sew in zips

  3. sew various pockets 

  4. sew plackets

Brush up on skills

You just need to brush up on your skills

- how to pivot the bust dart

- how to use the industrial sewing machine, how to sew in a zip and how to finish a hem ​

Whatever it is - get in touch.

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