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What is pattern cutting?


Pattern cutting in the fashion industry is the process of taking a design and making it into fabric.

But before it is made into fabric, it is made into paper


For example what you are wearing right now was once a design that was made into paper and then into fabric.


The role of a pattern cutter is to interpret your design, put it onto paper/card, so it can then be made into fabric of your choice.



What is the purpose of pattern cutting?


Pattern cutting allows you to repeat the design/style that your making over and over again (infinitely)


The reason why the majority of the fashion designers use patterns, is because once a pattern has been made and the fit is perfect for the brand, it can be used for eternity!

Patterns are like the foundations of your house/home. It’s the blueprint. Once you have the basic things in place, like size snd fit, you can change the styles over and over again, maintaining your brands sizing ethos.


Please note:


It may sound strange, but you designs ARE NOT I repeat ARE NOT more important than your patterns!!!


You can have the most amazing design, you could think your a better designer than Alexander Wang, but if your patterns are badly made then you may end up just looking like a fashion wannabe. Sorry, it may sound harsh, but its true.

You Pay For What You Get! 


There are tonnes of pattern cutters out there, varying in prices. However a word of caution. Just as in life, it is in pattern cutting.




I’m not saying that you have to pay a lot of money all of the time, What I’m saying is that if you find a pattern cutter who can make you an Asymmetric midi dress with rouching and intricate detailing charging you £150 (in the UK) to make the patterns. RUN!


Not trying to sound too dramatic, but any good pattern cutter knows that his/her pattern making is potentially going to make or break the clients collection/brand. A bad pattern cutter is thinking (whilst making your patterns.) “I’m gonna do this pattern quickly, the customer doesn’t want to pay, I will lose money if I take the time to do it properly, so I’ll just finish them as soon as I can."


We have had countless customers who bring patterns to us, to fix. Why? Because the pattern cutter they used, did not do their job properly, maybe he/she did not have the necessary skills or maybe they did not care. Whatever the reason, the results are always the same. They paid a low price, They received a low quality product.


We take our job seriously. We like design, and so therefore always strive to produce the closest possible likeness to the designers design/vision. We have a lot of experience in the high end, high quality aspect of fashion and implement those skills with each and every designer/brand we deal with. 


If you would like to work with a business that will deliver a good quality product to you. Then talk to us today.

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