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Who we are and what we do

CFS provide a range of high quality pre-production services that come with a personable and stress free customer experience for our clients. Some of our services include design, creative pattern cutting, toiling and sample making. These services can help fashion brands take their collection from paper to the shop floor or help designers take their vision from illustration to catwalk. 


Our service is first class, we are meticulous, and we diligently apply good quality control at key stages of all our services. Our team of experienced pattern cutters, designers and sample machinists can create what you want, leaving you reassured and able to concentrate on other important business matters. 


We understand the effects of time constraints imposed on Designers and Businesses, and so we offer a highly efficient service with a quick turnaround. Our creative flair, technical expertise and experience allows us to actualise the vision of our clients, creating master pattern drafts, initial toiling, samples and small production runs. 


Depending on what the client requires we can work closely offering creative input or work independently following strict guidelines based on their instructions. 

We are active members of the fashion community and have a vested interest in it’s overall success. This means we are very passionate about helping startups and supporting businesses that are in their infancy, and we’re also great at helping established designers create their collections. 


In addition we have our own fashion brand, this also adds to our experience in creating a collection, from designing to garment development and then on to production stage. Our knowledge and insight puts us in the perfect position to help and assist you. 


So if you’re a designer, business, student or an individual looking for creative fashion services, we are waiting to hear from you.

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