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Pattern Fixing Service 

We can commercialise your patterns with our professional pattern fixing service. It is as simple as you sending us your patterns us fixing them and sending them back to you.

You can rest assured that you will have professional commercial patterns that can be used worldwide. 

One of our clients told us that before they used our service, they would make 'quick patterns' just so that they can make a toile (Or even worse go straight into the final fabric) to see what the shape looked like. They would then make alterations to the toile (or garment) but not refer to the patterns to make the changes.They would then forget the changes that were made, meaning that the patterns were no longer the same and were now infact useless for that particular style. This proved to be very unsustainable, unproductive and unprofessional for their business and so they sought help. Now they are of the belief that there is now such thing as a 'Quick Pattern'.

We know that as a designer you can make your patterns yourself, however, the only problem is, you are the only one who understands them. You then have issues communicating this to your sample machinist/studio.


We are here to tell you that you are not alone, this is very common.


Luckily we provide a service that bridges this gap for you. Our pattern cutters are trained fashion designers and so understand what is required for you to have successful production. 

Our patterns are commercially viable and can be used worldwide. We offer a first class pattern fixing service, and you can rest assured that your patterns will be in good hands.


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