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What Is A Sample, What Is Sampling & Why Is It Important?

Sampling (in the UK) is the process of making your design in the exact fabrics which you will be selling on to your customers. Sampling allows you to see what your garment will look like exactly. It is beyond the level of a toile.

Sampling should be done by a highly qualified seamstress.

At this stage you will be able to see how the fabric works with your design and what the fit is like once all the components are put together.

Also at this stage you may find that you do not need to make any further changes and that your garment looks how you imagined it to. If that case you are maybe ready to go and get orders or go into production.

You may find that with your sample your zips, fusing, buttons etc may not work, or your style lines are not flattering. Most fashion brands/companies sample as a way of life. A good seamstress nay not be in your area so a simple search seamstress near me may not be applicable when looking for a seamstress.

A good quality brand pays a great deal of attention to every detail of every design.

Pattern cutting is one of the most important stages in design although all of the stages are important, getting a good pattern made can make or break your brand.

For more information please talk to us.

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