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How To - Made To Order Clothing Manufacturers

Made to order is the process in which a customer places an order with you, by selecting your designs for them to have in their size.

It is better to use a sampling unit when doing made to order, because these units are more able to support new brands. Big manufacturers have large orders and cannot always support small brands.

You will usually contact/find a sampling unit that can help you with made to order before you offer that service. This is to make sure that you can find a business that can help you to support your customers.

Key things to find out at this stage is how long it will take the sampling unit to make your garments ready for you to ship to your customers.

Designers may use made to order to help create brand awareness as well as controlling the costs, because you can make garments, as and when you need. This may present a better option than for a designer to make bulk garments from a manufacturer and being left with a lot of unsold stock.

It also give you the opportunity to test your market and gauge what sells well and what may not.

If you decide to make made-to-measure then getting your garments made this way is a must.

Startups may use made to order as an entry into the fashion market. The fashion industry is a highly competitive market, and so standing out is paramount to your success.

Made to order should not be confused with being a cheaper option. in fact it may be more expensive to produce, because you are making one at a time. Prices in manufacturing comes down the more garments you make and so fewer garments, will almost also result in a higher price.

You should utilise made to order if you can find a sampling unit to support you and when you are in a position to get everything organised in time to meet your delivery date with the customer.

We can help you with this along with many other sampling units out there. We will either book in a phone conversation or a face to face meeting with you to discuss your need in more detail and to ascertain how we can best help you.

We will only work with brands if we can deliver on time. It is very important that brands do deliver their garments to their customers in good time.

We work with a lot of small brands supporting them with this.

If you would like to talk to one of our specialists, please get in touch with us.

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