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Advertise With Us.

Advertising is essential for every business, to keep your brand in the forefront of your customers mind.

According to a Forbes article - Gartner research shows that companies, on average, spend about 12% on their annual revenue on marketing, varying heavily by industry. (references below.)

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Who we are

Our business ‘Creative Fashion Services’ is a growing brand, at nearly 5 years old, with loyal clients. We create patterns, toiles, samples and small production runs, for established fashion designers as well as fledgling ones.

We are offering you the opportunity to advertise on our platform enabling your company to get in front of a highly targeted audience.

Our clients are always in need of various fashion products and services from fabrics to digital marketing.

Why we believe advertising is important

We believe that advertising should never be paused, word of mouth is great, but should not be relied on solely as an advertising strategy.

Small to medium businesses need to diversify their marketing strategies to cover as many relevant areas as possible.

Targeted marketing is the most effective form of marketing, why? Because you are in the right place. You are more likely to gain new customers because you are relevant to their needs.

Market Your Fashion Business Creative Fashion Services.

What is your customer LTV (life time value)?

According to Kissmetrics from a Hubspot blog Starbucks customer LTV is £19,531.59 (Please see references below).

Do you think that our introductory offer of £9.99 per month will deliver a good ROI? We think that if you are selling products and services for the fashion industry it is. (references below.)

Advertise Your Business Creative Fashion Services

How To Advertise With Us

We are growing our fashion business platform so join us today.

Simply click the following link:

1. Set up Paypal subscription (You can cancel at any time)

Checkout For Creative Fashion Services Advertisement

2. Click “Create Your Advert” link in confirmation email

Advertise Your Business Creative Fashion Services

3. Submit your advert!

Create Your Business Ad Creative Fashion Services

We are still developing our user experience and if you need any assistance please email us:


Forbes article marketing

Gartner Reseach



Photo by Aarti Krishnan - Advertise Your Business Creative Fashion Services

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